Different Styles Of Spa

In today's era spa is not only limited to massage or a few therapy or even for the rich and the famous people. The current times there a quite a good number of therapy that the spa offers. Spa can also be projected to a particular type of therapy. These are some of the types of spa.

Day spa. Health centers and salons that include hydrotherapy treatment falls under this category. Half an hour up to a full day is the time that is expected to perform this kind of spa During this spa the activities that are associated include body wrap hand and feet treatment hair treatment and facial treatment. When you want a quick stimulation of your body it is vital that you consider this kind of spa.

The portable spa let's consider the mobile spa, This kind of services is conducted at homes of the clients, the therapist we are required to carry along with his or her equipment to the clients home. There is the rapid growth of the day spa because you can receive the services at the comfort of your home. The mobile home spa is more applicable during the bridal showers, birthday parties or a romantic spa involving partners.

The destination spa. The primary objective of this kind of spa is to improve the individual's lifestyle. It includes natural beauty which is are the hills and islands This kind of spa is devoted to make sure that there is healthy eating, fitness, relaxation and regeneration. The spa will have a variation in character and prices. this kind of spa will be carried out in 2-3 days. The activities that are involved include body tanning, massages body wraps and meditation. Find out more at  http://vitaltouchspa.net/

The eco spa. This kind of spa involves the use of natural remedies and substances for therapy and treatment. Horse Riding, trekking and mountain climbing are some of the activities that are involved in this kind of spa.

The mineral health spa. Minerals are used for treatment in this spa. The Bath That is used in this spa helps patient to speed up healing process enhance blood circulation and in the repair of the worn out tissues.

Medical spa. This type of spa requires health care and related healthcare treatment. The medical approach of this spa involves dermatology treatment, laser treatment, and complementary medicine. It also provides rehab treatment Weeklong programs are conducted that help in the process of quitting smoking.

Hotel spa This is a hotel that has equipment's of spa. This kind of spa is directed to the customers as entertainment. The services offered in this kind of spa include horse riding, tennis, and golf. Get started at  http://vitaltouchspa.net/